Vitamin C to Remove Hair Dye?

Kourtney A Asked: Vitamin C to Remove Hair Dye?

I have naturally dirty blonde hair but it was dyed to a blue/black and it's starting to fade so I have my natural roots, black/brown and then brown at the tips. I've read on a lot of sites to mix vitamin C and shampoo and let it sit in your hair. Anyone try this before? Did it work?


Jacquelyn Bates Answered:
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thejmp187 Answered:
i shave my legs, i couldnt bare to wax or lazer, waaay too painful. Just shave if you want to have hairless skin, it doesnt make is come in any thicker. But being natural is awesome as well, there are times i regret ever shaving my legs…

sydney Answered:

Deborah Kumi Answered:
Lazer or waxing because they last longer and you dont have to shave the stubbly hairs every day..

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