how to get rid of hair of private parts? wax, shaving or a hair removal cream? do all girls do it?

Nandini N Asked: how to get rid of hair of private parts? wax, shaving or a hair removal cream? do all girls do it?

i have been confused bout this since long. too embarrassed to ask anybody i thought lets try here. do all girls remove hair of their private parts? is it a necessity before marriage? n how can it be done? by waxing, shaving or with a hair removal cream? which is the best option? is it normal to go into a parlour and ask for waxing ur private parts??? please help.


Dee Answered:
ask beauty therapist.

Nikkisgirl0221 Answered:
Not every girl does it the best way is to have it waxed and there are salons that do it so its very normal people do it all the time just a little painful that's all

Lyno Ecco Answered:
its very normal and yes all the girls do it… but differently ..
I suggest waxing because it doesnt have bad side effect as in (in grown) hair or so
shaving and creams usually make ur hair thicker and makes the hair grow under your sick find a salon that has a waxing section..and go there…It's a bit painful but you'll get used to it ..and its worth it
Trust me !

Jessica Answered:
Where I live you have to be 18 to get your private parts waxed. Hair removal cream I heard hurts if you get it inside you by accident. Not all girls remove their pubic hair but if you want to, then just shave. Once you start shaving it can get itchy, but there are some creams for it.

Steps to shaving:
1. Buy a new razor
2. Buy Skintimate shaving cream (they have all kinds to buy)
3. Take a shower and wait for about 10 minutes (loosen uo the hair)
4. Apply skintimate shaving cream to your area
5. Dont shave against the hair (causes ingrowns), shave downward not upward
6. Shave everywhere you want to
7. Put lotion or baby oil (makes you smooth) on after you shaved & got out of the shower

raj j Answered:
use lubricants like fem, waxing creams etc

Joy D Answered:
For girls..try brazillian wax or bikini wax:)

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